Who Can Speak of Men? (2003)

Documentary, Video, 35 min

Intimate character portraits of three cross dressing Muslim women who live in Jamia Nagar- one of the largest segregated neighborhoods for Muslim in India. Official selection to several prominent national and international film festivals, the film continues to be used in community screenings and is on curricula of several international universities.

Awards and Screenings

Official Selection, The British Film Institute Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, UK 2004

Official Selection, The Berlin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2005

Official Selection, London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2005

Official Selection, Copenhagen Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Denmark 2005

Official Selection, Paris Feminist and Lesbian Film Festival Cineffable, 2005

Official Selection, Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2005

Official Selection, Pink Apple, Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Zurich 2005

Official Selection, Larzish International Festival of Gender and Sexuality, Mumbai 2004

Official Selection, The Indo-Korea International Women’s Film Festival, Seoul 2009

Official Selection, The Public Service Broadcasting Trust International Film Festival on Gender and Sexuality, India 2007

The Rialto Theatre, Amsterdam 2006

Community Engagement Screenings

Jagori, India (Non-Profit Community organization working on empowerment of women)

TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health in India)

Action India

Kriti, New Delhi

Aawaz-e-Niswan (Voice of Women) Mumbai, India

Bebaak Collective (Fearless Collective), Mumbai, India

Umang (Support group for Lesbian, Bisexual and Transpersons) India

Cast and Crew

Director: Ambarien Alqadar and Gusa Alonso Pimentel

Cinematographer: Ambarien Alqadar

Editor: Ambarien Alqadar

Commissioned by The Thomson Foundation EU-India Conflict Resolution Fellowship Program